Maddux Eckerling

Maddux Eckerling (they/he) is a nLGBTQ+ and mental health activist. 

As the former leader of both the Bring Change 2 Mind (BC2M) and Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) clubs at his high school school, Maddux worked to educate his schoolmates on LGBTQ+ awareness and destigmatizing mental health issues. In addition, Maddux was the president of the Associated Student Body (ASB) and was an active member of both his high school's site council and the high school district’s LCAP committee. 

Maddux works tirelessly to amplify his peers' voices, ensuring that LGBTQ+ students and students with mental health challenges are understood and advocated for. As a queer youth who struggles with anxiety and depression, Maddux has seen firsthand the difficulties within these two communities he so closely identifies with. 

Maddux Has had the privilege of speaking at numerous community events, including the launch of California Moves For Mental and Physical Wellbeing Month {May}. He has also appeared on numerous podcasts, talk shows, and local community forums.

Maddux is attending San Francisco State University, where he will earn his BA in Sociology and then go on to get a Master's in Social Work. Maddux plans to dedicate his life to community service and uplifting those whose voices too often go unheard. Maddux’s primary goals are to be a community educator and a policy advocate, fighting for government change to help protect and uplift LGBTQ+ people and those who suffer from mental health challenges.